Another world is possible-

The VAMOS initiative!

April 1995. Ten men and women from Germany visit acquaintances and friends, communities and initiatives in northeastern Brazil. The group gets into depressing situations of poverty and exploitation, but also experiences the liberating power of hospitality, joie de vivre and a sense of solidarity for a better future. They encounter people whose joy is greater than her pain, whose strength is more powerful than their misery, whose hope is stronger than their fear. People with the certainty: Another world is possible!

Encounters, impressions and experiences of this trip to Brazil are at the starting point of the one-world initiative VAMOS!. It is founded as an open group in the Franciscan community of Dortmund-Scharnhorst that, under the motto VAMOS! -Let’s go, let’s set off! , wishes to open up opportunities for encounters, conversations and education. Their wish: That the processes of joint learning and awareness-raising will lead to not only individual and collective behavioural changes, but also, and above all, new, sustainable forms of solidarity in a globalised world.

The events and actions carried out so far show, that it is not primarily about an intellectual examination of current issues, but rather about a common search-movement with the aim of sharing with each other and acting in solidarity. Information events on the work of friends and partners in North-East Brazil are also on the agenda, as well as meeting and study trips to Brazil, themed evenings on interreligious dialogue or the causes and developments of conflicts, violence and war all over the world. In addition, there is the organization of visits to exhibitions, concerts and theatrical performances, as well as the presence at festivals and celebrations in the Franciscan community.

When planning and conducting events and promotions, VAMOS! lays great emphasis on working with other groups of the Franciscan community: Scouts, group of companies, parish council, Caritas, women’s circle, senior club, etc. But joint events are also held with the Evangelical Shalom congregation and with the most diverse social groups and initiatives. The basis for this cooperation is the common conviction : Another world is possible!