A song that has become a ‘project anthem’ in recent years sums up CRIANÇA’s perspective:

“Believing in life,
in the people and
what’s to come.
We can do anything
even more than that.
Let’s build the future!’

Feedback from the children:

“The Project is like a home for me.”


“Here I feel good, like at home. Because this is where we play and learn and make friends.”


“Here I’ve learned to like the other like myself. The project is very important to me.”


“I am grateful to be able to participate in the project. This is where you learn to read and write and much more.”


“I have never imagined that there was a place for me to play, talk to others, have friends. Here in the project this has become possible.”


“When I got into the project I was very calm and lived alone for myself, I didn’t like singing, painting or playing. Today I am no longer so quiet and no longer alone. I like to sing and dance, sometimes I punch over the strands and don’t observe the rules.”


“Today I’m learning to read and write and I know I’m beautiful.”


“I still like to beat myself, but I know today you shouldn’t be doing that. I’m learning Capoeira, reading and how to behave and respect my colleagues.”