Statutes of the registered association Vamos! e.V.

§ 1 Name of the association, fiscal year
The association is registered in the association register and is called Vamos e.V. it is based in Dortmund-Scharnhorst. Fiscal year is the calendar year. The first fiscal year ended with the 12-31-1996.

§ 2 Association purpose
The purpose of the association is to support people in need according to the franciscan model of life (simply live, act in solidarity, share with each other). It pursues only and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of the section “tax benefit purposes” of the tax code. The purpose of the statutes is achieved by supporting self-help projects at home and abroad, in particular aid projects in Brazil such as:

  • Financial assistance with actions in Piripiri, a partner municipality of the franciscan community in Dortmund-Scharnhorst,
  • Financial assistance in the actions of the “streetworkers in São Paulo”,
  • Financial assistance for the actions of health education in poor rural communities in northeastern Brazil or
  • voluntary assistance in actions to care for homeless people in Dortmund.
  • Voluntary advice support, as well as financial assistance for asylum seekers in special cases,
  • Voluntary counselling or support as well as financial assistance in the event of special social emergencies.

§ 3 Selflessness

The club is selflessly active; he does not pursue primarily self-economic purposes. Funds of the association may only be used for statutory purposes. The members do not receive any grants from the association’s funds. No person may be favoured by expenses that are alien to the purpose of the corporation or by disproportionately high remuneration.

§ 4 Members

Any natural or legal person who guarantees to promote the aspirations and activities of the association can become a member. The admission is done by the board. The application is intended to include the applicant’s name, age, occupation and address. Membership ends with death, exit or expulsion from the association. The withdrawal can be made by written termination at the end of a month. In the event of gross violations of the association’s obligations, e.g. non-payment of the membership fee despite a one-off reminder, the board of management may decide to exclude a member.

§ 5 Bodies of the association

Organs of the association are:

  • The board of directors
  • The general assembly
  • The advisory board

§ 6 Board of directors

The board of directors consists of at least three members and is elected for a term of 2 years. Decisions of the board of management are taken by a simple majority, for which written minutes are drawn up. The board will remain in office until a new board Is elected. The board of directors is represented in court and out of court by two members within the meaning of section §26 german BGB. The board of directors invites the general assembly to the general assembly in writing two weeks in advance at least once a Year. The first chairman conducts the day-to-day business of the association. The board elects the chairman and his deputy. The work of the board of directors is voluntary.

§ 7 Of the competence of the board of management

The board of directors is responsible for all matters of the association, unless they are assigned by the articles of association to another club body.

Above all, it has the following tasks:


  • Preparation of member meetings and drailing of agendas;
  • Calling the general assembly;
  • Implementation of the resolutions of the general assembly;
  • Drawing up a budget for each financial year; accounting, preparation of an annual report;
  • Decision on the admission, removal and expulsion of members.

§ 8 General assembly

The general assembly takes decisions with the simple majority of the members present, except that the statutes establish a different majority. In order to exercise the right to vote, another member may be authorized in writing. The authorization must be granted separately for each general meeting. Membership fees are levied. The maturity and height will be decided by the general assembly. Decisions of the general assembly are logged. The minutes of the general assembly are signed by the protocol leader and a member of the current board of directors.

Tasks of the general assembly:


  • The general assembly receives the annual report and the auditor’s audit report.
  • The general assembly decides on the club budget.
  • The general assembly decides on the discharge of the board of management.
  • The general assembly elects the board of directors for 2 years.
  • The general assembly elects the advisory board for 2 years.
  • The general assembly decides on amendments to the articles of association.

§ 9 Advisory board

The advisory board consists of three people and is elected for the term of office of two years. The advisory board meets at least once a year. The convocation of the meeting is made by the chairman of the association or another member of the board of management (§ 5a of the Articles of association).

All members of the board of management have access to the meetings of the advisory board and do not have the right to advise but no voting rights. The members of the board of management are to be informed of the meetings of the advisory board.

The advisory board elects a chairman, who also chairs the meeting of the advisory board. If this is prevented, the published members of the advisory board determine the meeting leader.

Tasks of the advisory board:

  • He advises the board on important club matters.
  • He provides appropriate information on the concerns of the members of the association
  • He submits proposals for club management to the board.
  • He advises on the project work and the legal transactions of the association.

The advisory board does not receive any remuneration for its activities.

The work of the advisory board is documented by proving the discharge of the board of management on the basis of a decordingly signed protocol statement, the meeting, which takes place at least once a year.

The advisory board forms its opinion through decision-making. When The decision is taken, the majority of the valid votes cast shall decide.

§ 10 Dissolution, omission of the tax-advantaged purpose

The association may be dissolved by resolution of the general assembly. The general assembly will be quorum if at least two thirds of the members are present. If the general assembly is not quorum, a second assembly may be convened within one month, which may decide to dissolve without regard to the Number of members who have appeared. The resolution requires a majority of 3/4 of the votes cast.

If the dissolution of the association has been decided, the general assembly appoints a liquidator for the settlement of the transactions.

In the event of the dissolution of the association or the elimination of tax-advantaged purposes, the assets of the association fall to the “Caritas conference” of the franciscan community Dortmund-Scharnhorst in support of the homeless.


§ 11 Revision

The general assembly elects at least one auditor. The tasks are auditing and checking compliance with the association’s resolutions.

§ 12 Decision of the articles of association

The statutes were adopted and established in the founding meeting on 10-10-1996.

Amendments to the articles of association were adopted in the general meetings on the 10-31-1996 and 03-23-2001.  

A further amendment was approved at the general assembly on 04-26-2013.

The text above contains the full statutes, including any changes made so far.