The pedagogic concept: liberating rducational work modelled on Paulo Freire

The pedagogical guiding ideas supporting the project

The aim of the project is to increase children’s self-confidence through systematic pedagogical work and to enable them to participate critically and creatively in life in the family, school and society. This also applies, transferred to their daily lives, of course to adults.

Inspired by the methodology of the liberating educational work of the brazilian educator Paulo Freire, positive changes and developments are initiated by the fact that the children in their living situation, are perceived as equal partners, are taken seriously and thus absolutely accepted as distinctive people.


Project program

The project program includes games, artistic design with a wide variety of materials, music, theater and dance, exercises for body perception and relaxation, as well as targeted education in literacy and arithmetic. Occasionally, “excursions” are also taken: For example, to the local library (picture) or to the circus.

Under pedagogic guidance, a new group of 15-year-olds has been meeting three times a week since the beginning of 2004 to:

  • discuss age-related issues (sexuality, drugs, violence, the environment, etc.);
  • learn and apply arts and crafts techniques;
  • discover and promote skills in the artistic-spiritual cultural field.

The promotion of music culture is one of the main focuses of working with children. Behind this is the insight that music-artistic crafting in children and adolescents not only positively influences their social behavior, but also promotes potentials of their cognitive and logical intelligence.

Endurance, steadfastness, reliability, concentration and self-experience of children and adolescents are sustainably strengthened by music. In addition, music and dance are inseparable from brazilian folk culture and are therefore an integral part of the everyday life of the CRIANÇA project.